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80/20 Principle of Change Management

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Focus on the Most Important Things

20% of barriers create 80% of resistance

80% of results come from 20% of efforts





Smart ones recognize change.

Smarter ones anticipate change.

Smartest ones create change. 


80/20 Principle Makes Change Management Easier

A minority of causes or effort usually lead to a majority of the result. A few things are much important than the rest.

80/20 Thinking, applied to your daily life, can help you change behavior and to concentrate on the most important 20%.

To succeed in managing change and transforming your organization or business by applying the 80/20 Rule you need to demonstrate that simple is beautiful and why. Unless you understand this, you will never be willing to give up underperforming 80% of your current business and overheads.

The 80/20 principle can also help you to improve your strategy. Look carefully at the different chunks of it, identifying the next leaps forward for your business. Than change your strategy accordingly.

Mindset and 80/20 Thinking Process

Start with adopting a radical improvement mindset: everything can and should be done radically better.

Use the 3Bs Strategic Creativity Process: Brainstilling Brainstorming Brainstilling.

❶ First, visualize the desired future.

❷ Start brainstorming creative strategic solutions by challenging your assumptions. Do 80/20 Analysis. Ask yourself: what is the 20% that is leading to 80%? Think about it strategically and creatively. Action resulting from 80/20 Thinking should ultimately lead you to achieve much more with much less.

❸ Having designed a change program, visualize the future it will create. If you are satisfied with that, start experimental implementation of the program.



Vadim Kotelnikov on Leadership

Leadership is about creating human currents moving enthusiastically and creatively in a desired direction.

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Leading Change



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