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80/20 Principle of Change Management

20% of barriers create 80% of resistance

80% of results come from 20% of efforts

Be the Smartest One

Smart ones recognize change. Smarter ones anticipate change.

SMARTEST ones CREATE change.  >>>

Yin-Yang of Change Management

Start Moving

Fighting a deep-rooted reality when you want to change something is like trying to demolish a concrete wall with bare hands. Instead, build an eye-opening new model that attracts people like a magnet and urges them to abandon their obsolete habits.  >>>

Start moving, and new horizons will start opening to you.

Creative Dissatisfaction

Innovation redefines growth opportunities. As current products are becoming obsolete faster than ever, in order to survive and prosper, organizations continually need to improve, innovate and modify their products and services.

Make your constant creative dissatisfaction with the way things are the driving force behind everything you do. Always look for new places where you can make a big positive difference. Try to anticipate needs not yet articulated by your partners, and meet them with innovative solutions that set higher standards.  >>>

The Way To Success

Discovering and seizing an opportunity is not enough. You must experiment with various options, ask learning SWOT questions, adapt strategies and keep innovating this way. Simulation games, such as Innovation Football, are to help you prepare to win, conquer enemies of change and exceed the initially desired results.




Leading Change



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