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Enemies of Change

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The Wind of Change is created by daring leaders,

cheered by adventurous sailors,

and resisted by all others.


Enemies of Change






Know the Enemies of Change

You cannot help but creating diverse both animate and inanimate enemies when you initiate a change.

The more radical the change, the stronger the enemies.

If you donít know your enemies and what weapons they might use against you, how are you going to win a war against them?

The best way to know your enemies is to play a simulation war game, such as Innoball or InnoChess.

Status Quo

If you neither defrost the status quo nor nurture creative dissatisfaction, people will not embark on your change journey.


If your vision is not inspiring enough, unclear or under-communicated, your target audience will not buy into it. If you donít live your vision, people will not trust you. If you are neither energized nor energizing others, you will not be able to create powerful human currents of followers moving in a desired direction. If you donít involve people in the change planning process, they will treat the plan as an alien, not their own child to raise.

Change Program and Process

If you have neither change program nor guiding principles, your change process will be chaotic and ineffective. If you donít celebrate small victories, you will neither provide positive reinforcement nor emphasize work-life synergy. If donít anchor new approaches in the corporate culture, theyíll be abandoned soon.  >>>