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Leading Change


Beer's Formula for Leading Change

А Driving Force versus Barrier Equation


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Change = D M P > Cost


D = Dissatisfaction

To function as a leader, you must create dissatisfaction with the status quo. Because change is inevitable, you are better off leading it than reacting to it.

M = Business Organizational Model

A business model that provides strategic direction for the change you create to achieve success now and in the future. The model must be specific, addressing the kinds of people, policies, strategies, assets, structure, and shared values that are critical to achieving the mission.

P = Process

A process facilitates change and helps direct it towards targeted goals. It brings together various tangible assets of change ‒ people, technology, and actions.


The cost is the barrier to change. Dissatisfaction x Model x Process must be grater than the cost of change, with cost measured in terms of loss ‒ loss of job security, loss of compensation, or loss of personal status... Unless the forces for change are powerful enough to overcome the loss that people feel as a result of this change, the change will not occur.




Leading Change



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