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6Ws of Strategic Change Management

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The Wind of Change is created by daring leaders, cheered by adventurous sailors and
resisted by
all others


Leading Change Anticipate Change 3 Levels of Change Management Emfographics Empower Yourself To Change the World Stand Out from the Competiion Vadim Kotelnikov Surprise to Win Create Change Antici;ating Change Change Management Spot Trends Work Smart and Hard See Change as an Opportunity How To Management Change: 3 Levels - recognize, anticipate, create change, Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis

the purpose: the
problems to be solved or the opportunity to be pursued

the strategic intent, the goals and objectives

the context: the internal and external environment

the milestone events and timing

leader and the team

the process of change implementation


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Yin-Yang of Change Management




Leading Change



Change = D M P > Cost      Develop a 'Can-Do' Attitude      Impactful Presenter




Leadership is about creating human currents moving enthusiastically and creatively in a desired direction.  >>>


How To Overcome Resistance To Change


Smart people and firms recognize change.

Smarter people and firms anticipate change.

Smartest people and firms create change.  >>>

When you create change,
you create also enemies who resist change.

You must prepare to win!  >>>