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Mark Stevens, the author of Extreme Management, suggests the following system that is to help you to unleash the power of your organization and reshape it into a more competitive enterprise:

  • Develop a vision. To create a seamless bridge from the vision to action, start with your top management team they should understand and embrace your vision.

  • Deal with change in a proactive manner. Face reality and know that change is here for good. Tell your managers to do the same.

  • Involve everyone. Align all your people against the endgame. Invite their opinion regarding critical issues such as the direction you should be headed, the changes you have to make, and the resources you have to acquire.

  • Maintain strategic focus. Using the employee feedback, develop a strategic plan. Stay laser-focused on the methods that will drive your business unit towards its stated objectives.

  • Build cross-functional teams. Build a diverse leadership group representing all the key constituencies of your organization. They will share responsibility for plan management.

  • Communicate progress. Share detail information about the company and the change progress people have to understand where you are and where you are going in order to contribute effectively to your mission.  >>>




Leading Change



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