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6Ws of Strategic Change Management

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Leaders vs. Others

Leaders create change.

Others resist change... More

Prepare To Win: Play Innoball

Launching a radical change project without playing a simulation game, such as INNOBALL, is like starting a football game naively believing that the opposing team does not exist.

While about 70% of radical change projects fail, INNOBALL helps you not just succeed, but EXCEED... More

Creating Change: Leaders and Enemies

The Wind of Change is created by daring leaders, cheered by adventurous sailors, and resisted by all others: target beneficiaries, competitors, deep rooted practices, established ties, robust structures and their inhabitants.

Leaders create news.

Others watch news.

Which group do you belong to?

Human and Organizational Barriers To Change

If you want to overcome resistance to change and lead change successfully, you must not only pursue your vision while being flexible, but also be aware of the barriers you'll face and know how to deal with them.

  • Fear of failure. The new order may require skills and abilities that may be beyond our capabilities. There is resistance to trying a new approach as people know how to operate in the existing order, but fear they will not be able to acquire the new skills and behavior that will be required of them.

  • Leaving a comfort zone. People are afraid to stretch their comfort zones. It's only natural to put off things that scare us, to sidestep goals that require us to leave our comfort zone and take a risk.

  • Losing something of value. If people believe they will wind up losing as a result of the change, they will resist.

  • Inertia. All organizations suffer from inertia to some degree and try to maintain status quo. Change requires effort, oftentimes, a significant one. So, don't underestimate the power of fatigue and burnout...  More

Presentation that Inspires Change

Paint the big picture for your audience. Laser focus your presentation toward the desired outcome you want to achieve... More

6Ws of Strategic Change Management

Why the purpose: the problems to be solved or the opportunity to be pursued... More


Smart people and firms recognize change.

Smarter people and firms anticipate change.

Smartest people and firms create change.  >>>

 Yes, creating a radical change
and getting others to embrace it is not easy,
but it's amazingly interesting!