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2 Senses of the Word "Charisma"

  • Personality: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others

  • Theological: a divinely conferred power or talent.


 Webster's Dictionary defines charisma as
“a personal magic of
leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure.”


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Kore 10 Tips on How To Be Charismatic


Grow into amazing yourself. Develop self-awareness, keep discovering yourself and your life's mission to become who you really are. Inspire others to do the same, lead by example, and bring out your best with other people.

Be unique, be different. Don't be a copy-paster – create, invent, generate original ideas instead. People who have original ideas are valued and admired by the society much more than those who are simply able to copy the ideas of others well.  >>>


Be inspired. Create an inspiring vision of a great future you want to create wholeheartedly and let it guide you in all your encounters.  >>>

Self-Leadership: 4 Strategies

Be passionate and enthusiastic – enthusiasm is contagious.  >>>

Radiate and channel energy. Energy is a jewel sought by most people subconsciously. Many people lack their own energy and admire energized persons.  >>>

Generate authority and exude an aura of confidence.

Develop a 'Can-Do' Attitude

Be positive in whatever you do. Positive approach will skyrocket your confidence level and will help in making the best use of your abilities.  >>>

Be social. A reticent or expressionless person is unlikely to be liked. Socialize with others both offline and online in a way comfortable for everybody. Socializing will also help in understanding people and turns you adaptable towards any group.

Impactful Presenter: Kore 10 Tips

Be witty. Charm people with your sense of humor. Engage people around you in laughter and jokes>>>


Learn from other charismatic persons whom you most like, respect and admire. Don’t copy them, learn from them – look for great habits that fit your personality, search for something inspiring that you could adopt and build upon. Build your personal brand.