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First, create a guiding structure and then inspire and energize your innovation team.  >>>


Innovation has become systemic. Today innovation encompasses more than the successful application of research results. Innovation can also stem from adopting new technologies or processes from other fields, or from new ways of doing business, or from new ways of marketing products and services. The evolution of the innovation concept from the linear model having R&D as the starting point to the systemic model in which innovation arises from complex interactions between individuals, organizations and their operating environments demonstrates the need for innovation leaders in all areas of your business.





Steve Jobs

Innovation distinguishes between a leader
and a follower...

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity  not a threat... >>>


Vadim Kotelnikov

Managers succeed by following the rules. Innovators succeed by breaking the rules.


Max De Pree

Innovation is the lifeblood of an organization.  Protect creative people from bureaucracy and legalism typical of organizations.




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