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The Wind of Change is created by daring leaders, cheered by adventurous sailors and
resisted by all others.


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Leadership is essentially about creating change, helping people to achieve a better life and feel important.  >>>

Leaders are not just for themselves, they create an inspiring vision, set a common goal, give direction to their followers and lead by example.



Motivational leaders start with motivating themselves with a great vision, and as they move progressively toward realization of that vision, they enthuse others to join the crusade and work with them to fulfill that vision.  >>>

Self-Leadership: 4 Strategies



Leaders passionately believe that they can make a difference, and inspire others to achieve more than they may ever have dreamed possible.




Smart people and firms recognize change.

Smarter people and firms anticipate change.

Smartest people and firms create change.

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 Yes, creating a radical change and getting others to embrace it is not easy, but it's amazingly interesting!



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Leaders see the big picture and what’s beyond the horizon. They think and act strategically, while others just do their job. Leaders provide strategic alignment so that everyone “aims and shoots at the same target”.



Leaders treat problems and change as opportunities, not threats, and help others adopt a similar attitude. Leaders create and lead change, others start with resisting change. Overcoming this resistance to change and creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically in a desired direction is a most important and challenging task of a leader. People are most willing to follow those who know what they are doing, especially in difficult situations.