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Lateral Leadership DOs and DON'Ts




Top 10 Tips Top 10 Tips for Lateral Leadership

  1. Let people feel that they are able to make a difference and give them some measures of control over where the group is going.

  2. Donít criticize, donít blame others for problems. Separate the person from the problem. Blame joint methods, not people.

Problem Solving Strategies: 4 Levels

  1. Ask for advice. Donít tell people what to do because they may hear it as an accusation or as a threat to their status. Ask open questions instead. Explain the purpose of your question and invite your colleagues to participate in the thinking and contribute their thoughts. Make sure your colleagues get credit for helping aim your groupís efforts and creating a joint proposal.

  2. Contribute your thoughts and ideas in a way that encourages others to join in the thinking. Ask your colleagues to evaluate your idea and challenge your thinking. Encourage disagreement on the merits. Having done so, ask people to sharpen your idea and improve on it.

  3. Donít advocate one idea. Focus on the desired outcome and look for the best ideas from whatever source.

  4. Emphasize benefits of the new behavior or method. Make it attractive if you want to change the way your group works and get everyone to take part. Design an interesting, active, empowering, and remarkable role for each person that he or she will want to play.

  5. Use emotional pictures Ė a picture may be worth a thousand of words. Be charismatic and witty.

  6. Encourage your colleagues to invent plans for implementing an idea. What strategies might be wise? What is the next step? Give everyone a hand in shaping the change. Everyone should feel sufficient ownership of the new practice to want it to succeed and to try to make a new method work.

  7. Lead by example, model the desired behavior Ė it is often the best way to explain an idea, to demonstrate your ability to take an initiative, and to influence othersí behavior.

  8. If your colleagues donít react the way you want them to, acknowledge good reason for their behavior, assume that you are doing something wrong, and improve your contribution accordingly to get the desired result.


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Abraham Linkoln

If you would win a man to your cause,
first convince him that
you are his sincere friend.

Vadim Kotelnikov

Giving is getting.
If you want to grow as a leader,
help people grow and shine