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8 Attributes of Love and Leadership

By: James C. Hunter, the author of The Servant


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The qualities of a servant leader are also the attributes of love, which is defined as one's behavior towards others.

All these behaviors will entail you to serve and sacrifice for others. This would mean setting aside your own wants and needs to focus on the legitimate needs of others.

When servant leadership becomes your ethos in life,
people would be lining un to join your cause.

①  Patient show self-control.

②  Kind give attention, appreciation, and encouragement.

③  Humble be authentic without pretense and arrogance.

④  Respectful treat others as important people.

⑤  Selfless meet the needs of others.

⑥  Forgiving give up resentment when wronged.

⑦  Honest be free from deception.

⑧  Committed stick to your choices.



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I never saw a contradiction between the ideas that sustain me and the ideas of Jesus Christ.