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 Leadership Quotes


Vadim Kotelnikov on Leadership

Leadership is about creating human currents moving enthusiastically and creatively in a desired direction.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Always search for primary sources. Do not read only about leaders, but also read what leaders wrote, so that you can see, feel and hear how they think and act.


Noble Leader

Noble leadership is about creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically in a noble direction.

Vadim Kotelnikov

Leadership Attributes

People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.

John C. Maxwell


Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Japanese proverb


We cannot live better than in seeking to become better.


Leading By Example

Not the cry but the flight of the wild duck leads the flock to fly and to follow.

Chinese proverb

People Skills

My job is to not be easy on people. My job is to make them better.

Steve Jobs

Lateral Leadership

A leader is a dealer in hope.


Managerial Leadership

Management works in the system; Leadership works on the system.

Stephen Covey

Change Management

Change before you have to.

Jack Welch

Project Leader

One characteristic of winners is they always look upon themselves as a do it yourself project.

Walt Disney

Leading Innovation

Always hire people who are smarter than you.

Luciano Malani


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Quotes by Great Leaders


Alexanders the Great leadership quotes

An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep.  >>>


Vadim Kotelnikov american indian

He who has great power
should use it lightly.

American Indian


Michail Gorvachev leadership quotes

If not me, who?

And if not now, when?

Michail Gorbachev

Napoleon leadership advice

A leader is a dealer in hope.


Vladimir Putin leadership quotes

Every person should have faith in his heart. What matters is not an external display of this faith, but the inner state of the soul.


Sun Tzu leadership quotes

A leader leads by example,

not by force.

Sun Tzu

Jack Welch leadership advice

Change before you have to.  >>>

Jack Welch


Steve Jobs leadership quotes

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.


Fidel Castr leadership quotes

It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and a plan of action.


Donald Trump leadership quotes

As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.  >>>


Peter Drucker leadership quotes

Management is doing things right;

leadership is doing the right things.  >>>

Peter Drucker

Thought Leader

Naryana Murthy advice

Leadership is about doing the right thing,
even if it going against a vast number of naysayers and mediocre people.

Naryana Murhty




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