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Vision for Change and Innovation

10 Tips for Setting and Communicating



By: Paul Sloane, the author of Lateral Thinking



  1. Communicate the need for change. Ensure that everyone understands that standing still is not an option.  >>>

  2. Paint a goal where the organization will be. Visualize the benefits.

  3. If you don't have a clear and meaningful vision statement today then pull together a team to construct one.

  4. Chose a vision that inspires and directs the organization.

  5. Ensure that it is broad enough to allow great flexibility.

  6. Communicate the vision and the messages and strategic objectives that flow from it.  >>>

  7. Derive innovation objectives with measurable targets and deadlines.

  8. Solicit feedback to draw out concerns and to ensure the vision is properly understood.

  9. Help people buy into this process by getting them to set their own objectives in line with the vision.

  10. Use advanced methods, e.g. Intranet, to achieve unfettered two-way communication... >>>